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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Ok this is something I should have done long time ago but, as usual, time management is not my business. I decided to open a blog, to update you on what I am witnessing here in Syria. It has been more or less three month since I arrived here, so I got lots of memories to share. I'll dig in my drawers to remember episodes and talks and, meanwhile, I'll try keep u posted on what's going here, or at least my first-hand impressions, talks with activists, common people and so on..

About me, since I am not Amina, I am a flesh-and-bones human being, and I'd like to avoid being arrested once again by my friends at the Mukhabarat (Syrian secret services), it will be enough saying I am a journalist with a background in Middle Eastern studies. This will be also a good way to ensure people know what I am doing and if I disappear from this blog for long time, then do start looking for me!

I'll post the first piece on my last two fridays soon....I hope this could help sharing knowledge about what's going on here, since few journalists are left in the country

Meanwhile, here is a piece I wrote out of an interview I had with someone who has relatives in Dara'a, the Hourani city which has been for long time under the siege of the Syrian army

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